CINQO is the smart digital solution with
Easy Paperless Instant Convenient EPIC features:

Disburse, track, control, verify and manage benefits & expense at a click

Make your office paperless, get benefits and submit claims digitally

No more waiting to be disbursed, or claims to be encashed, it can be done on the go...

It’s a new-age solution for the new-age professional. Digital. Easily used. And widely accepted, as it’s powered by VISA.
THE 4 Flavours of CINQO.
Employee Benefits

From meal vouchers to medical benefits to LTA reimbursement – we’ve got it covered! And it’s 100% compliant with RBI and IT rules.

Gift Vouchers

From shopping to movies to salons and spas – we’ve got great gift options, as well as dozens of prebundled offers.

Digital Cafeteria

No more maintaining manual logs and making periodic settlements with your cafeteria vendor.

Expense Management

The future of employee reimbursement is here. No more voucher formats or payment cycles. No more manual collation.

Reasons to use CINQO.
10 good reasons to move your Employee Benefits to CINQO
  • Single-click distribution to all employees in all geographies.
  • Complete control over users as well as allowances.
  • Instantly scalable and can add on thousands of employees immediately.
  • Easily integrated with your existing payroll system.
  • Dashboard to review relevant data.
  • Instant syncing for zero administrative hassles.
  • Zero costs.
  • Great convenience for employees.
  • Seamless customer support.
  • One-stop solution.
4 great reasons to choose CINQO
Gift Vouchers
  • 10,00,000 + merchants accept the VISA-based CINQO card.
  • CINQO takes care of loading credit and top-ups,and dispatches the card on the company’s behalf.
  • Zero logistic, administrative, and pilferage issues
  • Great value deals from 170 top brands across Tier I, II and III cities – at your fingertips.
3 brilliant reasons to make your canteen a CINQO Digital Cafeteria
  • Cash-free transactions.
  • Zero costs.
  • Easily scalable across locations.
5 wonderful reasons to switch to CINQO Expense Management
  • Includes all claimable expenses.
  • Instant approval and reimbursement for zero administrative hassles and huge time savings.
  • Great convenience for employees, and outstanding advantages for employers.
  • No hassle of maintaining paper bills.
  • Allows extensive analytics on business expenses.

Quick Onboarding
Sign Up with CINQO and onboard your employees via EKYC Process

Easy Disbursal
Disburse benefits and reimbursement through Dashboard

Employees use CINQO Card to spends benefits or make expense.

CINQO App is used to check wallet balances, track expense & submit
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