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Why Cinqo?

As an employee you can indulge in any merchant establishments. Get reimbursed almost instantly, and load up a saving up to Rs. 11,700/-* annually. It’s a win-win.

Why Cinqo?

CINQO can be distributed with just one click, with zero handling cost. It syncs with company processes seamlessly, and offers an impactful employee welfare program. With CINQO, less is more.

Why Cinqo?

CINQO is tailor-made to deliver maximum value at lowest handling fees and zero logistics cost. It enables you to resolve disputes and get quick settlements almost instantly. You have nothing to lose.

No liability. No worries.

Forgotten to carry your meal voucher to your outing? Never again with CINQO! Save yourself the embarrassment of counting or changing vouchers. No worries of loss or theft either.
Go easy, go CINQO.

Questions and Answers

For Companies


What is CINQO?
CINQO is a smart digital solution for employees to avail tax free meal allowances as against the traditional paper based meal vouchers. CINQO Digital Meal Vouchers are spent via a mobile wallet pan-India for food and non-alcoholic beverages. It is a great tax saving tool and helps an employee to save taxes up to INR 11,700/-*. CINQO helps employers in eliminating voucher distribution and tracking processes thus saving cost, time and effort on their end.
Do I need to use CINQO vouchers only at specific outlets or merchants?
CINQO Digital Meal Vouchers can be used across any merchants pan-India for food and non-alcoholic beverages.
Is CINQO compliant with necessary laws and regulations?
CINQO Digital Meal Vouchers comply with the necessary Income Tax Act fully. They offer tax benefits as per the exclusion provided for the ‘paid vouchers’ in rule 3 (7) (iii) of the Income Tax Rules 1962 (IT). They are non-transferable and each voucher bears a maximum value of Rs. 50 only – that can be used only for the purchase of food and non-alcoholic beverages at recognised outlets. These are the basic requirements for a prepaid voucher to be compliant with IT rules. CINQO Digital Meal Vouchers are also fully compliant with RBI guidelines. They are issued under the Policy Guidelines on Issuance and Operation of Pre-paid Payment Instruments in India, as updated in December 2014; by an RBI licensed commercial bank, Yes Bank.
Does law recognise CINQO Digital Meal Voucher as a voucher?
CINQO Digital Meal Vouchers have a specific digital characteristic which makes them similar to paper vouchers in behaviour. This makes them fully compliant to IT Rules.
What does CINQO offer apart from Meal Vouchers?
We offer digital vouchers for meal expenses and for medical expenses as well as Gift Cards and Reimbursements.


How does the employee get credited with the digital meal voucher in the mobile app account?
On a pre-decided date of every month you / the employer schedules to transfer funds into the single Yes Bank escrow account for CINQO. This will help create and credit your employees with digital meal vouchers in their individual mobile app CINQO account.
Is it possible to add/delete/edit meal allowance structure mid-year?
Yes, as an employer, you have complete access to a very easy-to-use CINQO dash-board and can add, edit or modify employee details and meal allowance structure for any future transactions.
Which OS does it support?
The CINQO app can be used on iPhone and Android devices.


Can an ex-employee continue using the CINQO vouchers issued to him/her?
As a first step you will remove the employee from the CINQO meal allowance program using the web dashboard. However, ex-employees can continue using CINQO Digital Meal Vouchers even after they leave the organisation until they exhaust the vouchers or vouchers expire.
Does the CINQO account of an individual remain valid and usable at another organisation as well?
CINQO has been smartly built to check if an employee previously had a CINQO account even in a new organisation. Though the employee login with same credentials he will always see the transaction from current employers only.
Is it possible to tailor CINQO Digital Meal Vouchers to suit my company-specific needs?
CINQO offers the flexibility and ease of customisation. You simply need to define your pre-requisites. As an employer you will be able to choose the places where the vouchers can be spent, the time span between which the vouchers need to be spent, and decide their validity as well. It’s all yours.


How do I register my company with CINQO?
Joining CINQO is extremely simple. Please visit our website and click on the signup button at the bottom. Fill up a simple form and you are set. Once you are on board, all you need to do is compile the necessary details of your employees and upload it on the CINQO HR dashboard. Select a date on which the vouchers should be transferred to the employees.
Alternatively, if you like, our sales representative could visit you and guide you through the setup. Just email us at, and we will take it from there.
Can my office cafeteria vendor affiliate as a merchant with CINQO?
You can use CINQO at your office cafeteria right away as well using the bill upload method. Also, you can get your cafeteria vendor to get in-touch with us and we will handle the affiliation process as well.
Can I have a trial run of the app before I sign up as an employer with CINQO?
Definitely!. We can help you test it before you register with us for the entire company. Just drop us an email with details of your point of contact at Our team will get in touch with you and help you with a test run of CINQO.
I’d like to try out the app?
Sure, please email us at and our team will connect with you for the demo.

For Employees


How and where can I use my Cinqo Digital Meal Vouchers?
You can use your Cinqo digital meal vouchers to pay for food or non-alcoholic beverages at any of our select merchant establishments:
1. Simply download the Cinqo App for the first time you use it.
2. Enter your username and one time password.
3. Reset your password.
4. Set up your profile.
5. Upload your bill and enter the amount you spent.
6. You will be reimbursed with the amount you spent in 1 business day.
7. You just save your tax while still enjoying your meal.
Your Cinqo Digital meal vouchers are accepted at anywhere and everywhere at any merchant outlets Pan India. Bon appetit!
Do I need to upload my bill at that very moment?
Relax! You can upload your bills once you have enjoyed your meal.
How will my Cinqo account be credited with digital meal vouchers? What is the validity period of Cinqo digital meal vouchers?
Smile more frequently to your HR department! They will credit you with the amount through Cinqo’s platform. Every Cinqo digital meal voucher is valid they expire or exhaust.
How to get my Cinqo Digital meal vouchers regularly and on time?
Use your active email address to use the Cinqo app. Verify it with a quick, 2-step process via OTP. Enjoy your meals with regular Cinqo meal vouchers.
Can I opt out of Cinqo? What happens to my unused Cinqo Meal Vouchers, if I do?
Like everything with Cinqo, opting out is easy too! Just connect with your HR department who will stop crediting the vouchers from the month going forward. You will be able to use your unused vouchers till you exhaust or expire them. Although, we’d hate to see you go!
My organisation wants to sign up for Cinqo. How can I get it registered?
Starting with Cinqo is really easy for employers. Connect with us at or just give us a call and we will do the rest.
Are my Cinqo Digital Meal Vouchers still usable after I leave the company?
Yes. Cinqo Digital Meal vouchers are usable after when you leave your company as well.
Do I get tax benefit for using Cinqo Meal Vouchers? How?
CINQO Digital meal vouchers are tax free perquisites from your employers forming a part of your salary. You can save up to Rs.11700/-* annually in taxes with Cinqo.


What is the minimum amount I can pay with Cinqo Digital Meal Vouchers?
We accept payments as low as Rs. 1.
I have a cash memo receipt. Can I use that to make a claim?
Yes, we also accept a legitimate cash memo receipt to file claims.


How do I check my Cinqo Digital Meal Voucher balance?
Your balance will be visible on the app top left corner.
What if I lose my phone?
Ouch! But fear not, Cinqo is secured with a secret PIN known only to you. So your vouchers are always secure. Just download the app on your new phone. You will be able to pick up from where you left off.
Which OS are supported by Cinqo?
Cinqo is available on your iOS and Android device.
Is my Cinqo transaction secure? Is it safe to provide my information like my phone number and bank account details to Cinqo?
We safeguard our customers’ information fiercely. All transactions are made with bank-level security. All information with Cinqo is securely stored through patented cryptographic algorithms. We never share your details with anybody.
Can I share my Cinqo Digital Meal Vouchers?
No. As required by law, all meal vouchers are non-transferable.
What can I buy with my Cinqo Digital Meal Vouchers?
You can use your Cinqo Digital Meal Vouchers to buy food and non-alcoholic beverages only.


What should I do if I face any problem while using Cinqo?
Our support team is at your service. Should you face a problem, write in to us at on the Cinqo app.


CINQO is a sparkling concept of digital meal vouchers that could unlock new benefits for your company and employees. It simplifies expense management in a secure way, while guaranteeing your employee easy transaction and loads of tax benefits. A treat to your finances, we bet!
Ankush Gupta

Ankush Gupta

The Architect

Ankush started off his fitness business as a young entrepreneur at the age of 19. Today Powerhouse Gym is a household name. With a sharp business and technical acumen, he is inclined towards strategy and innovation, driving CINQO towards business transformation at every step.

Ankush has a Masters in Information Systems and Management from Carnegie Mellon University, USA and is involved multiple businesses across industries i.e. Education, Fitness, Mobile Apps and Games, etc.

Jesal Nathwani

Jesal Nathwani

The Brain

Jesal is talented, passionate and highly collaborative as a business-woman. She covers the entire breadth of a business and dives deep into key technical areas. Her out-of-the-box thinking helps CINQO create a great interface enhancing its features to provide pure customer delight.

Jesal is a graduate with B.Tech in Electrical and Communications Engineering from SNDT University, Mumbai followed by an entrepreneurship program (GYB) from S.P Jain, Mumbai.

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