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How and where can I use my Cinqo Digital Meal Vouchers?

Cinqo digital meal vouchers can be used to pay for food or non-alcoholic beverages for merchants who are registered under FOOD Category only.

  • Simply download the Cinqo App for the first time you use it.
  • Enter your username and one time password.
  • Reset your password.
  • Set up your profile and check your transactions on the App.
  • You just save your tax while still enjoying your meal.

Can I Reset my PIN for the CINQO Card ?

Yes. You can Reset the PIN for the CINQO Card by using the following URL : https://www.cinqo.in/ResetPin/new/

How will my Cinqo account be credited with digital meal vouchers? What is the validity period of Cinqo digital meal vouchers?

Your Employer will do that for you on a Monthly/ Quarterly/ Yearly basis. The Validity of Meal Vouchers are 1 year. Doesn’t matter whether you are still a part of your organisation or not. Validity can be extended with a 20% fee on your available balance.

Can I opt out of Cinqo? What happens to my unused Cinqo Meal Vouchers, if I do?

Like everything with Cinqo, opting out is easy too! Just connect with your HR department who will stop crediting the vouchers from the month going forward. You will be able to use your unused vouchers till you exhaust or expire them. Although, we’d hate to see you go!

Do I get tax benefit for using Cinqo Meal Vouchers? How?

CINQO Digital meal vouchers are tax free perquisites from your employers forming a part of your salary. You can save up to Rs.11700/-* annually in taxes with Cinqo.

All about using the app
Is it mandatory to download the App ?

No. But it will help you check your current balance and your transactions too. You can Reset your CINQO Card PIN too !

What if I lose my phone?

Ouch! But fear not, Cinqo is secured with a secret PIN known only to you. So your vouchers are always secure. Just download the app on your new phone. You will be able to pick up from where you left off

What if I lose my Card ?

We are here to help you. Write to us on suppport@cinqo.in with your Name, Employee ID and Company Name and we shall block the card post verification. A new card will be assigned to you against a nominal fee.

Is my Cinqo transaction secure? Is it safe to provide my information like my phone number and bank account details to Cinqo?

We safeguard our customers’ information fiercely. All transactions are made with bank-level security. All information with Cinqo is securely stored through patented cryptographic algorithms. We never share your details with anybody.

Can I swipe the card without any Balance?

We’re Sorry. The card swipes are restricted to the available balance in the card since it’s a Pre-paid model.

Can I share my Cinqo Digital Meal Vouchers?

No. As required by law, all meal vouchers are non-transferable.

Got a problem?
What should I do if I face any problem while using Cinqo?

Our support team is at your service. Should you face a problem, write in to us at support@Cinqo.in on the Cinqo app.