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Do I need to use CINQO meal vouchers only at specific outlets or merchants?

CINQO Digital Meal Vouchers can be used across any merchants PAN India for food and non-alcoholic beverages who are registered under FOOD Category only.

Is CINQO compliant with necessary laws and regulations?

CINQO Digital Meal Vouchers comply with the necessary Income Tax Act fully. They offer tax benefits as per the exclusion provided for the ‘paid vouchers’ in rule 3 (7) (iii) of the Income Tax Rules 1962 (IT). They are non-transferable and each voucher bears a maximum value of Rs. 50 only – that can be used only for the purchase of food and non-alcoholic beverages at recognised outlets. These are the basic requirements for a prepaid voucher to be compliant with IT rules. CINQO Digital Meal Vouchers are also fully compliant with RBI guidelines. They are issued under the Policy Guidelines on Issuance and Operation of Pre-paid Payment Instruments in India, as updated in December 2014; by an RBI licensed commercial bank, DCB Bank.

Does law recognise CINQO Digital Meal Voucher as a voucher?

CINQO Digital Meal Vouchers have a specific digital characteristic which makes them similar to paper vouchers in behaviour. This makes them fully compliant to IT Rules.

What does CINQO offer apart from Meal Vouchers?

We offer Digital vouchers for meal expenses and for medical expenses as well as Gift Cards and an Expense Management solution.

How cinqo works
How does the employee get credited with the digital meal voucher in the mobile app account?

On a pre-decided date of every month you / the employer schedules to transfer funds into the single DCB Bank escrow account for CINQO. This will help create and credit your employees with digital meal vouchers in their individual mobile app CINQO account.

Is it possible to add/delete/edit meal allowance structure mid-year?

Yes, as an employer, you have complete access to a very easy-to-use CINQO dash-board and can add, edit or modify employee details and meal allowance structure for any future transactions.

Which OS does it support?

The CINQO app can be used on iPhone and Android devices

Easy to sign-up
How do I register my company with CINQO?

You can connect with the CINQO Team on info@cinqo.in .Once we receive your Email, our sales representative could visit you and guide you through the setup and we will take it from there.

Can my office cafeteria vendor affiliate as a merchant with CINQO?

Yes. You can get your cafeteria vendor to get in-touch with us and we will handle the affiliation process as well.

Can I have a trial run of the app before I sign up as an employer with CINQO?

Definitely! We can help you test it before you register with us for the entire company. Just drop us an email with details of your point of contact at support@cinqo.in / info@cinqo.in . Our team will get in touch with you and help you with a test run of CINQO.